*The purchaser will receive a copy of this document to be signed prior to the order placement.


Please note that your approval is only applicable for the below stated store. If you wish to add new stores or change your store location, please see us for further approval.

The following information will be used to create an account between The Monkey Brush ( ABN: 20 790 256 991 ) and the store listed as per this form.

By completing this form, you consent for the following information to be used by way of references and/or credit reporting for the duration of this account and it acknowledges this understanding. You will also un-dertake to advise us of any change of ownership.

By completing this form, you guarantee payment of any and all accounts of goods purchased by the com-pany detailed below together with any legal personal representatives of the Business or out of pocket expenses associated with the collection of outstanding monies.

You understand this personal guarantee binds you personally.



The Monkey Brush ( ABN 20 790 256 991 ) shall only supply goods on the following terms and conditions unless the Business agrees, in writing, to vary these Terms and Conditions. In these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the expression “the Business” shall mean The Monkey Brush, and the expression “the Purchaser” shall mean any party contracting for the supply of products by the Business.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.




Non-account orders are required to meet a minimum purchase value of $160 + GST. A standard handling charge also applies. Once your order is received, we will create a Proforma Invoice and contact you for payment. A full payment of the order is required before shipment of goods. If payment has not been made within one month of order taken it will be automatically cancelled.



a) Purchaser may request to be on a 30-day account. In order to do so, the purchaser must fill out and submit this credit application form, adhere to the terms and conditions, and must be approved by head of-fice. b) Amounts not paid by the Purchaser by the due date may be subject to an additional late paymentfee of 5% of the total amount on top of the outstanding amount. c) Full payment must be received by theBusiness within 30 days net from date of invoice unless other arrangement has been made in writing by the Business. The Business reserves the right to suspend the delivery of further goods if the terms of pay-ment are not strictly adhered to by the Purchaser. d) All accounts more than 90 days overdue will be sentto our Debt Collection Agency. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by the Business in reco-vering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees or legal costs shall be paid by the Purchaser along with the outstanding debt due. e) If the Purchaser defaults in the payment of any over-due account, all monies owing for goods delivered shall be payable forthwith and credit facilities may bewithdrawn without prior notice by the Business. f) Property of any products supplied by the Business to the Purchaser shall not pass until the products have been paid in full. In the event payment is not re-ceived for any overdue account and the Purchaser is placed into liquidation or placed under administra-tion, the Business (prior to the full payment for the products) is irrevocably authorized to enter the Purcha-ser’s premises and remove any products which are owned by the Business. The Purchaser shall be liablefor all costs incurred by the Business in exercising the right of retrieval, including all legal costs.


For all ongoing top up orders there is a minimum of $110 + GST. Prices quoted on the Wholesale Shop include GST and do not include delivery and/or handling charges. The Company shall be entitled to adjust any price quoted from time to time and the Purchaser agrees to pay the adjusted. The Business will not accept responsibility for out of date or wrong prices published in the Business’ own trade price list.



Since shipping and stock adjustments are made, the order total is not final. Final Tax invoices will be at-tached with delivery.



Claims for mis-shipment ( short shipment, damaged goods, etc. ) must be made within 48 hours of receipt.Other returns must be approved by a sales agent or head office.



The Business shall deliver the goods to the address stated in this Application Form. Any changes to thenominated delivery address must be communicated in writing by the Purchaser as soon as possible. TheBusiness shall be entitled to charge for and recover from the Purchaser on all demand, costs or loss oc-casioned by the failure by the Purchaser to collect or take delivery of the goods. The Business shall deli-ver the goods by carrier and form of transport considered most appropriate. Delivery date or time cannotbe guaranteed and is subject to the carrier’s schedule and terms and conditions of sale.

a) For all deliveries, freight will be calculated by the business on the cubic meterage of the consignmentand will be included in “postage and handling”. Standard delivery time (outside of Peak Season) is ap-proximatively 3-5 business days. Please add a few days if you are in WA or rural areas for your order toarrive. b) Bulky items may attract a small freight surcharge.



Damaged or missing goods must be reported to the Business immediately (within 48 hours) to arrange a replacement. The Business will not accept claims for damage inflicted to products in transit if the delivery is signed for and accepted by the Purchaser. The Business will not accept responsibility for any part deliv-ery or delay in delivery of the goods as a result of events occurring beyond the Business’ control. The Business will not be in any way responsible for any consequences ( direct or indirect ) arising from such delay or non-delivery.



Unless otherwise advised, back-orders ( out-of-stock items ) will be sent once stock is replenished. Allbackorders will be charged a freight fee unless otherwise approved by the head office. Backordered items are not invoiced until dispatched. Pre-orders are not considered backorders and freight will apply.



Exclusivity may be granted based on the store’s representation of our brand. Please discuss with a sales agent or head office. Exclusivity will be reviewed on a regular basis.